Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the world. Here are some of our favorite moments from February 2018.


It Gets Better Brazil Shared A Message Of Hope

At just 22 years old, Fabi Barbosa is wise beyond her years. She proudly claims her trans identity and says that there’s always the promise of a better tomorrow. It gets better!


It Gets Better Mexico Showed That People Can Change

After Alejandro Arkuch came out to his family, his mom had a difficult time coming to terms with his identity, but Arkuch was patient. With time, his mom came around, and while their relationship isn’t perfect, she now says she loves him no matter what.


It Gets Better Paraguay Shared Drag Star Ava G.’s Story

Manni Delvalle is an actor, musician, dancer and drag queen. Delvalle’s character, Ava G., has catapulted their career onto the big screen and given them many extraordinary artistic opportunities. Manni proves that by living your truth, anything is possible!


It Gets Better Project Caught Up With Love, Simon Director, Greg Berlanti

From questioning his identity to becoming a successful director, Greg Berlanti is a testament to the fact that it does get better. His moving story mirrors that of his new movie, “Love, Simon.” You don’t want to miss this one!


Author Talked To It Gets Better Russia About The Importance Of Words

The language we use every day is important in wiping out discrimination. This Russian author says she hopes people will speak with love and acceptance because words are important for progress.



Todo Mejora (Chile) helped spread the love on Valentine’s Day with a photo series about diverse love.

It Gets Better Paraguay hugged it out for a “Love Wins” photo session.

It Gets Better Brazil came together for a photo series around creating more inclusive schools.

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