Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the world. Here are some of our favorite moments from March 2018.


It Gets Better Brazil Shared The Importance Of Diversity At Work

Gustavo Pitanga shares how important diversity groups are in the workplace. He says more and more companies are practicing inclusion policies, which open the labor market to LGBTQ+ people.


Todo Mejora Worked The Red Carpet 

Roxy Foxy represented Todo Mejora at the foundation’s award ceremony. You have to see what these all-star guests had to say! 


It Gets Beter Mexico Shared A Message Of Hope

Quique Galdeano struggled with his own identity for years. Growing up, he frequently felt alone and misunderstood. Now he shares his message of hope for LGBTQ youth who also feel alone. It may be hard right now, but it does get better!


It Gets Better Project Caught Up With The Cast And Crew Of “Love, Simon”

It Gets Better Project talked to the cast and crew of “Love, Simon” as they walked the red carpet for the Los Angeles fan premiere of their groundbreaking new movie. From stars like Alexandra Shipp and Joey Pollari to Director Greg Berlanti, you won’t want to miss these words of encouragement.


It Gets Better Russia Discussed Coming Out To Family Members

Although the coming out journey for these individuals was scary, through time their families came to accept their identities and love them for them.


Not to Mention…

Todo Mejora helped celebrate differences through their Happy Hour Diverso event.


It Gets Better Mexico was invited to speak in the diversity forum of Pride CCM at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City.


It Gets Better Paraguay continued their mission to improve mental health through their weekly Hora Segura events.


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