As a parent, you can improve your relationship with your child, and become a source of strength

For years It Gets Better has worked to uplift and empower LGBTQ+ youth. Now, It Gets Better is partnering with The Constellation Project to reach the parents of questioning and LGBTQ+ youth to connect you with more resources, forthcoming research studies, and support.

Parents: Your participation can play a significant role in making life better for yourself and your LGBTQ+ child. 


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Initial Resources for Parents


There are over 325 LGBTQ+ centers in the US, accessible in almost every state, in most major population centers and online. Most have family programs. Need informed advice around how to cope yourself and take care of your child? Find your 5 nearest LGBTQ+ centers here, through CenterLink.


Offering parent-to-parent support group meetings and more since 1973, PFLAG chapters are located throughout the country and online. Find your local chapter here.


You shouldn’t have to choose between loving your kid versus your church or the rest of your family—but these conflicts can arise with being the parent of an LGBTQ+ child. Find embracing members of your faith here, through Strong Family Alliance, with resources for support in over 45 religions and denominations. 


There will be new territory to navigate for your child—and for you, who as a parent may feel overwhelmed. All the resources above can help, and in addition here’s a guide from Strong Family Alliance for parents who wish to help choose the best path for their family. Download a PDF version of the guide here.

Youth Resources

It Gets Better is known for its outreach and support for LGBTQ+ youth, but this partnership was forged with parents in mind. If you believe your parent(s) would benefit from the resources listed above, we encourage you to share this page with them. Below are a few sample messages to help you begin the conversation: 

Hi, (Mom/Dad/name of parent or guardian). I know you are still struggling with what I shared with you recently, especially when it comes to what _______ will think. Here are some resources that may be helpful

(Mom/Dad/name of parent or guardian), here are some resources that you may find helpful. They have information specific to _______ and _________. This could help us improve our relationship.

Why Research Matters

Signing up with The Constellation Project means you’re agreeing to learn about important research about what parents of questioning and LGBTQ+ kids need today, by connecting you with researchers who are spearheading this essential work. Here are examples:

David M. Huebner, Ph.D., MPH, Professor, Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University

“Each year in the US, 80% of teenagers who contract HIV are gay and bisexual boys, particularly young men of color. Our team has developed tools to help parents protect their sons from these risks by teaching parents how to communicate with their sons more effectively about sexuality and HIV.  We are currently recruiting families to test these resources.  By participating in our current study, parents get free access to our toolkit, and when you and your son complete surveys, we pay you to thank you for your time.”

– David M. Huebner, Ph.D., MPH

Kirsty A. Clark, Ph.D., MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health & Society, Vanderbilt University

“When a child comes out of the closet, parents often experience emotions like guilt, shame, sadness, and fear about their child’s LGBTQ+ identity. Our research looks at how parents can reduce these stressful feelings and deepen their relationship with their LGBTQ+ child. We are currently recruiting parents to participate in our online research studies. We are especially interested in hearing from parents who reside in the Southeast region of the US. Parents who participate in our studies receive compensation for their time.”

-Kirsty A. Clark, Ph.D., MPH

About The Constellation Project

The Constellation Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects parents of LGBTQ+ youth (and LGBTQ+ parents) to other nonprofit resources, researchers, advocates, religious support, and communities who respect your family and want to see you thrive.

About It Gets Better

The It Gets Better Project is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe.

There is a lot to consider with being the parent of an LGBTQ+ child. The information we provide isn’t medical, mental health or legal advice–instead, we encourage you to seek out and consult capable professionals. 

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