The next stop on the International Program‘s journey through Europe? Italy! Since 2013, we’ve had the pleasure to work closely with Le Cose Cambiano, It Gets Better’s affiliate project there. Let us tell you how it all came to be!


In October 2013, Isbn Edizioni, an Italian publishing house, translated “It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living” into Italian, the only language it’s currently published in other than English. The Italian version includes some of the original book’s essays, as well as new material, from more than 100 contributors – including celebrities, religious leaders, politicians, parents, educators, youth just out of high school, and many more – who are telling their stories in an effort to convince LGBT youth that their is a future full of love and inclusivity out there waiting for them.


Even after publishing the book, a team at Isbn Edizioni wanted to do more to effect change for LGBT youth in Italy. That’s why, in cooperation with the It Gets Better Project, they shortly thereafter launched the affiliate project under the same name as the book: Le Cose Cambiano. For nearly two years now, Le Cose Cambiano has pushed forward efforts all over Italy to create a more inclusive and accepting country for LGBT youth. 


Since then, this organization has participated in over
150 events and met with over 5000 high school 
students throughout the country. In September of 
2014, they were awarded the Macchianera Internet 
Award for “Best LGBT Website” and helped establish 
the first gay-straight alliance in Italy.

To date, Le Cose Cambiano has participated in over 150 events and met with over 5,000 high school students throughout the country. In September of 2014, they were awarded the Macchianera Internet Award for “Best LGBT Website” in Italy. Le Cose Cambiano has also helped establish the first gay-straight alliance (GSA) in Italy. We were lucky to take part in the GSA’s flash mob for inclusivity in the city of Bologna on May 20.


In addition to Le Cose Cambiano‘s incredible engagment with the LGBT youth community in Italy, they continue to work with publishing companies to promote books that matter, ones that inspire positive social change for LGBT people. While in Italy, the Project’s International Program Coordinator, Justin Tindall, was able to speak on a panel about the power of positive messaging during an event to promote the translation of Dr. Ian Rivers of Brunell Univesity London’s book, Homophobic Bullying, to Italian.


We at the It Gets Better Project will continue working closely with Le Cose Cambiano until we can assure all LGBT youth in Italy that, in fact, things really do get better. Help us in that effort by following Le Cose Cambiano on their social media pages provided below. And don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘share’ their posts!

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