Friday’s New York Times featured a story about how new pop songs from Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Pink and being directed to a new generation of LGBT youth and may empower them to create next gay rights movement:

But “We R Who We R” has a subtext: It is intended as a response to the recent rash of suicides by gay teenagers and young adults, several of whom were close to Ke$ha’s age. (She is 23.)

To get her fans ready to sing the song loud and proud, Ms. Perry released a teaser on YouTube last month, plastering the song’s encouraging lines, like “After a hurricane comes a rainbow,” in jumbo handwritten cursive letters over stills from the music video. In case anyone was confused by the song’s message, she dedicated it to the “It Gets Better” video campaign aimed at gay youth who may feel alone or suicidal. “Everyone has the spark to be a firework,” she wrote on Twitter.

Together, these artists represent a new wave of young (and mostly straight) women who are providing the soundtrack for a generation of gay fans coming to terms with their identity in a time of turbulent and confusing cultural messages. “These songs are countering a hateful message that a peer, family member, politician or a bully might be saying,” said Dan Savage, the sex columnist who started the “It Gets Better” campaign, for which Ke$ha has also recorded a video. “I get frustrated with gay politicos who discount or undermine the importance of pop stars,” Mr. Savage added. “They’re a huge part of this fight.”

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