The Guardian (UK): “Lessons on gay history cut homophobic bullying in north London school”

“A north London school which has developed lessons on gay historical figures who suffered persecution claims to have succeeded in “more or less eliminating homophobic bullying” in its classrooms and playgrounds over the last five years.”


The Globe and Mail (Canada): “Trust the Web: It Gets Better”

“It Gets Better just gets bigger…In the month since then, what started as a personal plea from an advice columnist has become a full-blown political movement.”

“Finally, five weeks after Dan Savage sat down in a restaurant, President Barack Obama himself sat down in front of a video camera and delivered a three-minute appeal.”

“The fact that this project has gone from grassroots (or as grassroots as you can be if, like Mr. Savage, you’re an enormously popular relationship-advice columnist) to something the Oval Office deems politically expedient is extraordinary.”

“This is the moment at which It Gets Better has entered the stage. And that might be why a project whose audience was meant to be a group of voiceless, at-risk youth has instead found itself on the national agenda, giving leaders a framework for action. It’s become a bridge between the experiences of citizens and the national dialogue, from a teen’s darkened bedroom to the legislature.”


Video of the Day: Celebrities form new “It Gets Better Project” Video

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Stephanie Pratt, Cheryl Burke, Samantha Harris, Paul Schneider, Harvey Guillen and Ashley Holliday have three worlds for America’s gay & questioning youth: “It Gets Better.” | PERMALINK

Story of the Day:

We’re getting stories and letters from people all across the world. Here’s one of the first — thanks to everyone in support of the campaign, we’re making it better today:

Dear Mr. Savage, Thank you SO much! I am a gay teenager in a small town and i’ve always felt uncomfortable about being gay. I still haven’t gotten the courage to come out yet, I’ve just heard of so many people who get bullied and some of my “friends” are very homophobic. You’re articles and the it gets better project have really helped 🙂 I have literally no gay friends and no one to turn to that I can really be myself with, but now i at least know that i’m not totally alone Again, thank you so much!